Top 3 Best AP Calculus AB Book Review In 2021

Calculus is not an easy subject and the AP calculus AB is tougher. Basically, math is considered as everyone’s weakness and, to most of the people, calculus seems like a foreign or alien subject! Calculus is a part of math but it is way much harder than other departments of math. That’s why the AP Calculus AB exam is a much more difficult test than others to study for. That’s why only 58% of students get a score of 3 or higher who take this test. Because calculus requires not only knowledge but also skills and practice. And if you want to get a good score, then you must prepare yourself properly for the test.

Look, we know the AP calculus AB is a tough subject, but you can make your way easier with the right study aids and practice. And today, we are presenting you with the best AP calculus AB books review so that you can achieve your goal with confidence! 

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Hare Is The Top 3 Best AP Calculus AB Book Review In 2021

1.Cracking the AP Calculus AB Exam

The Princeton Review offers some great preparation books for AP exams and the “Cracking the AP Calculus AB Exam” is one of them. In case, it’s considered the perfect practice for a perfect 5 in the test. It’s the premium and comprehensive study guide to the AP calculus AB test.

This preparation book comes with full-length practice tests, complete explanations, content reviews, test strategies, and many more; just to make you a strong candidate for the test. 

This preparation book offers 6 full-length practice tests and complete explanations at the end. With the wide number of full-length tests, you can practice at home with the proper final test stimulation.

As a result, you’ll become more confident while the final test. Along with that, this book has a complete explanation at the end. You can prepare yourself more properly with the complete explanations if you make any mistakes during the test exam.

And the more you practice, the stronger you will be for the final test. This is the key feature of the book; and for this most of the students do great with the help of this preparation book.

This book also offers a comprehensive content review for all the test topics and comes with updated information on the 2020 planned course change. So, you can practice more and more with these exclusive study plans to do better in the exam.

The comprehensive content review for all the test topics allows you to prepare yourself strongly and be the best to participate in the final test.

It also features an additional full-length practice test online with detailed answer explanations, which is great for the current situation of the world. In this current pandemic, you should stay home but not to say idly. You can spend the time to be the best to participate in the exam.


  • 6 full-length practice tests an additional online test;
  • Well, explanations and practice drills at the end of the chapters;
  • Great study source and easy to understand;
  • Up-to-date information and plan on the current year test;
  • Handy reference guide of key formulas; 


  • Answer key explanations are sparse for some chapters;

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2. 5 Steps To A 5: AP Calculus AB

The “5 Steps to a 5: AP Calculus AB” is another great preparation book for the AP calculus AB exam. This book is easy-to-follow and, a multi-platform study guide for the candidates.

This preparation book is easy to follow and a great guide to doing great in the final test. The unique 5-step study plan is the key feature of this book and this works well. If you prepare yourself with the 5-step method of this book, you’ll be a better candidate for the final exam; believe me! This method worked fine at the back days and still works fine. So, it’s a great way to prepare yourself with this 5-step method.

 This preparation book comes with 2 full-length preparation tests in the book and offers 2 more online dull-length preparation tests.

Though it’s fewer than other books in this category, but with the online tests, you’ll get enough practice tests to practice. This book is designed to build your knowledge, skills, and test-taking confidence in a way better. The study plan of this book pushes you to reach your full potential.

This preparation book is written for those who want to get a good score in the test. It includes an answer explanation and sample response at the end of the topics. Besides, it offers hundreds of practice exercises that are to make you better in the AP calculus AB. 

This practice book has access to the entire Cross-Platform Prep Course in Calculus AB 2020 and includes nearly 800 AP calculus AB problem explanations.

Along with those, it is enriched with an appendix of common formulas and theorems for the test. And most importantly, the powerful analytics allows you to assess your test readiness. Simply, it’s a great practice book for the AP calculus AB exam.


  • Hundreds of practice exercise with explanations;
  • Contains nearly 800 AP calculus AB problem explanations;
  • Powerful analytics allows you to assess your test readiness;
  • An appendix of common formulas and theorems frequently tested on the tests;


  • Fewer full-length practice tests included than other books of the same category; 

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3. AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes

Though it’s listed in our review, it’s not like the other two books reviewed above. Basically, this book is not a practice book for the AP calculus AB exam. This is mainly a lecture note.

This lecture book is enriched with examples and explanations. We recommend it as a supplement book along with other AP calculus AB preparation books. This lecture note along with a good preparation book can lead you to a great score.

This lecture note contains full slides and review of all AP Calculus AB topics and exams. It’s a great way to practice for the exam along with a practice book. This lecture note allows you to understand the topics more easily.

It has required formulas and theorems list for the AP Calculus AB test so you can prepare yourself properly with the help of this note. Along with those, this note comes with included concise and accurate explanations for all example problems.

This is written to support as AP Calculus AB exam’s candidate as a secondary book.  This Lecture Notebook illustrates every problem of AP Calculus step-by-step.

Every example, theorem, and the proof is explained concisely and accurately in this notebook. Every example and every lesson of this lecture book targets a specific skill or formula. With the help of this notebook, you will have every concept of AP Calculus you need to know at the tip of your fingers.


  • Easy to understand the review notes;
  • Offers concise and accurate explanations of all example problems;
  • Comes with a list of required formulas and theorems for the final test;
  • Covers full slides and review of all AP Calculus AB topics and exam;


  • No test or quiz test included;

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The world is suffering from a pandemic and you need to stay home. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend your time for nothing. During this pandemic, you can prepare yourself for the AP Calculus AB exam with the help of these preparation books.

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