How to Smell Like Prada Perfume? Know Everything About Prada

Prada perfume has always been a customer favorite for its deep aromatic. They offer many different types of products with new and rich aromatics. This brand is well known for its remarkable longevity. They promise this luxury scent will make their user the cleanest person in the room. They have many Prada Fragrances collections. People admire their elegant fragrant. Prada’s first perfume is Prada Amber, was launched in 2004. Their strong outputs strike a delicate balance between being exceptionally lovely and lavish. If you want to know how to smell like Prada perfume, just keep reading.

How to Smell Like Prada Perfume

Lavishing Prada Perfumes

Prada Candy

Prada Candy is the most appealing scents to both men and women as well as a natural stress reliever. The smell of Prada Candy is entirely delightful. The sweet smell is of caramel and honey. Prada Candy is a fan favorite because of its strong vanilla fragrance. It is long-lasting, so perfect for those who want to smell like Prada perfume.

Prada Candy Kiss

Prada Candy Kiss is a combination of dark and light musks swirled with orange blossom, which takes center stage, with vanilla tones floating in the scent’s background. Prada Candy Kiss is for women’s use only. With a burst of musks, including one with a hint of white cotton coated in sensual orange blossom and classy vanilla, Prada Candy Kiss shows its unique softness. It is the reason for being on the top favorite list among the users.

Prada Candy Night

The perfume starts with a gentle and dark sweet odor, and with the sweet aromas are tonka bean, musk, cocoa, and chocolate. But Prada Candy Night ultimately smells much more like cocoa and tonka bean, with a hint of musk and caramel in the scent’s background. Some other extract of this scent is orange blossom and Bitter orange.

Prada Candy Sugar Pop

This luxurious perfume is a combination of some very delicate extracts. The combination pairs with peach, apple, vanilla, and tops notes of this scent are vert de bergamot. Finally, the green citrus adds a sharp and deep twist of aroma.

Prada Candy Gloss

Prada Candy Gloss is a Floral Fruity Lemony scent for women. It is a calming fragrance for the summer months. There is a rich and refreshing combination in this scent. The extracts are musk, cherry, and peach. This one is also a fan favorite.


This one is best known for its perfect balance of citrus and cedar. With its luxury scent, users will embrace elegant beauty and femininity. This scent has a mixture of many fine ingredients. Dried herbs, Indian Jasmine, lemon, orange blossom, Virginian cedar Italian nutty flavors, Guatemala cardamom, Haitian vetiver, Indian sandalwood, neroli, Indian sandalwood, and Haitian vetiver are some of the extracts in Prada Tendre scent.

How to Smell Like Prada Perfume

You definitely want to smell like those Lavishing Prada Perfumes all day. These perfumes are very strong and delicate as well. You will need to pursue some techniques to smell, like Prada perfume. There are always right and wrong ways to do kinds of stuff. So, like everything else, there are ways to apply Prada perfumes as well. Now let us see those ways to smell like Prada perfume.

  1. Unscented Body Oil

The trick here is to use fragrance-free body oil first and then apply Prada perfume. The science behind this is that Prada perfume does not hold as well on dry skin as it does on oily skin. So, after taking a shower, just use body oil and then apply your favorite Prada perfume. You will not only have the benefit with the smell, as well you will get shiny skin. Just remember it must be odorless body oil. Otherwise, the fragrance of body oil will ruin your desired Prada scent.

  1. No Rubbing After Applying Scent

There is a wrong tendency of rubbing wrists after wearing scent among us. But this actually fades away the sweet smell of the perfume. It will not stick to the skin if you think that it will if you do that. It will only help what you do not want to have.

  1. Choose the Right Place

If you want to smell like Prada perfume and, of course, enjoy a long-lasting scent, choose the right places to apply your fragrance. You will need to pick warm locations that will make the smell spread across the whole body. Elbows, neck, knees, and wrists are the right place to apply.

  1. Hairbrush Trick

If you want your hair to smell decent for a long time, then do not waste your perfume by applying it directly. So what you must do is use Prada perfume on your hairbrush first. Just before you are going to brush your hair apply some perfume, and that’s it. It is a fantastic trick. The scent will not last long by immediately using it on your hair. It will instantly dry out. So, the trick is to apply it to your hairbrush.

  1. Mix with An Odorless Lotion

This technique is really effective. The rule is to mix your favorite Prada perfume with an odorless lotion, and that mixture will keep the fragrant alive for a long time. Moisturize your skin with the mixture, and yes, you have what you wanted. But do not mix it with a fragranced lotion.

  1. Use the Long-Lasting Prada Perfume

Choose a long-lasting Prada perfume to be your daily choice perfume, and you can quickly wear that scent for a long time. And you choose this kind of aroma and as well use the above tricks, it will increase the time even more. You have many possibilities with Prada perfumes.


People always see perfume as a luxurious product. So, if you want to smell like Prada Perfumes, just follow these simple tricks. They will help you to keep the fragrance for a longer time. Choosing a scent that is appropriate for your body type will be the first work. The sweetly scented perfume of Prada will keep you fresh all day long. Just choose the most aromatic scent that hangs around the longest and apply the tricks to smell like Prada perfume.

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